If you are going to expand, revamp or maintain your automation control systems, Prevail Automation could be your partner through all stages and help your product line performance to be more efficient. Leveraging our fantastic experiences in industrial automation, we will give you ideas how to reduce downtime and MTTR significantly.












Prevail Automation has good experiences in quality control and part inspection process. “Vision Systems” is one of the most efficient and precise way to control the production quality. Having good experience with Keyence, Cognex, Dalsa and other cameras and laser sensors would help us to fulfill your desires to have a highly sophisticated and reliable inspection system.



 Here are few examples using vision system applications:
 - Part inspection to identify bad parts even while the parts are in high speed motion.
 - Calculating part dimensions to check if there are in tolerance windows
 - Recognizing the parts location to be picked up by a robot arm
 - Reading part numbers or barcodes while it is in motion
 - Analyzing material surface using UV and florescent lighting

Contact us to find out how we could help to enhance and modernize your quality control process. We will show you the betterment of your quality control enhancement outcome.











Relying on our experienced team, Prevail Automation could offer you the following high quality services to ensure your satisfaction:




Upgrading the whole system is always challenging and we understand that. We will work with you step by step to upgrade you current system with minimum system down, high quality parts, reliable software applications and reasonable price. Let us show you how much you would save and how long it would take your investment to be paid off.




We understand the frustration of having a problem with no clue what and where the root causes are; our very experienced engineers and specialists could help you to do a thorough diagnosis on your systems and find the issues.




Thanks to our vast suppliers network, we would supply your current system parts in shortest time to mitigate downtime in your production. We can supply your system needs in the shortest time from many main suppliers such as Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff, Schneider-Electric, etc. Just send us an email or give us a call and ask.










Our preventive maintenance specialists in Prevail Automation would help you to identify possible system failures due to current part conditions and life cycles. This will keep your product lines up and running with minimum downtime.









We offer detailed training programs for our customers to ensure successful launches of automation projects.  The training is performed by the specialists who have built and installed your system. We also offer our customers remote connection applications to facilitate fast response online support.